About Us


I run Platypus Distribution company. Currently, we distribute Herschel Supply products across Central and Eastern Europe. In my work, I draw on over two decades of knowledge gained while cooperating with a range of clothing businesses.

My past employers included VF Corporation (where I worked with the Vans, JanSport and Eastpak brands), Birkenstock, and Saucony. Over the years, I have worked in both marketing and sales. As a result, Platypus Distribution can provide services to local clients in Central and Eastern Europe, including sales coordination, distribution strategy and marketing activities.

Our present partnership with Herschel Supply demonstrates that we are adept at raising brand awareness in markets and developing a responsible and brand-compliant distribution strategy. We are open to joining forces with clothing brands, offering both our experience and contacts. I would be pleased to address any inquiries you might have and collaborate with you on a strategy for the markets in this region of Europe.

Please feel free to reach me out!